[imagines a character in the hands of better writers]

[imagines a scenario in the hands of better writers]

[imagines a whole show and concept in the hands of better writers]

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A recorded version for convenience of my (long) goodbye letter to Supernatural.

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I just saw a post that said “Sorry Supernatural, but Sherlock is the gayest show now!”


And some Supernatural fan was like “OMG YOU WIN THIS ROUND”

But really, guys…

Neither of you “win”.

Because neither of the shows have ANY Queer main characters.

And that’s a huge problem.

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haha people talking about sleepy hollow ripping off spn. that’s ridiculous, where’s the racism and sexism








You know what I’m saying? I’m saying this is bullshit. If a sixteen year old Dean Winchester came face to face with a werewolf like that, he wouldn’t be alive. The werewolf wouldn’t grab him from the forearms. He or she would bite him and claw him till he was dead or too weak to move.

So yeah, this isn’t a werewolf. That’s just John.

Friendly reminder that Dean didn’t ever personally encounter a werewolf until Season 2, 11 years after this episode.

Oh hi there. Just wanted to show you guys something:


And once again, this gif is way too accurate:


Adam Glass also thought Sam was 9 when Dean was 16 and put in that Dean and John told Sam they were going on a rugaru hunt when Dean had never even heard of a rugaru until 4x04, Metamorphosis. They literally had no idea what it was because John had never hunted one. They had to learn from another hunter how to kill it.  

Keeping in mind that Adam is also the person who made Angel Feathers an instrumental part of a spell when angels aren’t corporeal beings, they’re made of light and do not canonly have physical feathers. AND over complicated and completely contradicted what was already known about John’s father in 4x03 (basically Adam for sure skipped the beginning of season 4 because Cas explains the thing about angel lore during that time as well) is that he was very much alive and a mechanic. Now us, as a fandom have tried to flip it around to mean he was talking about his mother’s father and that’s why they moved to Lawrence, they were moving back. But let’s be honest with ourselves. They didn’t think about what was already canon. Adam doesn’t really consider what came before him he does his own thing, sometimes a lot of the time at the contradiction of basic canon fact. 

Adam’s fucking haughty response saying “they work weeks on all this information to make sure it’s right” I fucking hope not cause I haven’t seen either of those episodes in months and that occured to me off the top of my head and I know for a fact it doesn’t take weeks to minus 4 from 16 and get 12 (or 11 if the timeline is before May) Even if they changed his age from 14, he should still fucking remember they changed the age. I just roll my eyes so hard at Adam Glass 95% of the time. Continuity issues are such a pet peeve of mine. 

Wow… I don’t know what to say.

Not to mention, if Dean had been attacked by a werewolf, wouldn’t he have claw/bite marks on his arms instead of bruises? Adam Glass’s answer is all kinds of whack-sauce. 

this is the post that convinced me to stop watching after season 5. Fuck the Supernatural writers for real.


incoherent queer!Dean fanon thoughts!!!!!!

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This is wonderful and I wish the writers were as thoughtful as this in their world-building 

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